Where are the parks located in Colby?

There are 160.9 acres of parks in Colby. Young Memorial Field is set in the 38 acre park that houses the ball fields in the NorthEast edge of town (9th and Lane). Fike park is the located in downtown Colby (8th & Franklin). This 9.9 acre park North of the swimming pool. Fike Park plays host to many events during the summer months. Villa High park is 20 acres with a fishing pond. This park is located North of Colby Community College on Range Avenue. Westside park in also 20 acres and is located at the north end of Smith Drive. Buffalo park follows Prairie dog creek through the middle of town. J.K Phillips park is 4 acres on the West edge of town on 4th Street. Brookside, Three Corner and Copeland Parks are 26 acres. Contact the Recreation Department for information on these Parks. (785) 460-4440

Colby Park Information

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2. Where are the parks located in Colby?