Recycling is available at the Thomas County Recycling Center, 815 East College Drive. The Thomas County recycling program was initiated in 1995 by local governmental entities and concerned citizens. At the time, the vision was to create a local recycling program that would grow into a regional program for northwest Kansas. The recycling program in Thomas County has been functioning since 1997. 785-460-7677

Recycling Center Information

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1. What are the local emergency contacts?
2. Where can I sign up for utilities?
3. Recycling?
4. Where are the parks located in Colby?
5. Trash Pickup Information?
6. Are any animals banned in the city?
7. Resources for Phone, Cable, Internet and Natural Gas
8. Where can I find local school information?
9. Where can I find emergency disaster information?
10. Do I need to register my pets?
11. Miscellaneous Phone Numbers
12. Where Can I Find a New Resident Packet?