Looking West from Willow Street

Looking Southeast on Willow

Looking towards Willow on Sewell Avenue

The Street Department performs regular maintenance on the city's asphalt, concrete, and brick streets. Maintenance includes street sweeping, painting of street markings, mowing of drainage ways and State highway right-of-way in the corporate limits, snow removal, storm cleanup, pothole patching, crack filling, and sign maintenance. Within the Colby city limits, there are approximately 45 miles of improved city streets and 19.206 lane miles of highway.

Along with regular maintenance, the Street Department budget includes $115,000 for chip/seal, mill/overlay, and replacement of concrete curbs, sidewalks, and street sections. A contractor is usually hired for the chip/seal and mill/overlay projects, but the remainder of these items are completed by City crews. In addition to the above funds, the City of Colby receives approximately $160,000 from the State of Kansas for maintenance and improvements on highway right-of-way. This money is in danger of being lost when the State attempts to balance its budget.