Join the Fire Department

The Colby Fire Department staffing consists of full paid and part paid members, this is also called a combination department. Many departments throughout the nation are staffed in this manner. Usually, a city or fire district cannot afford a full-time department so they supplement the full-time personnel with volunteer firefighters. The volunteer firefighter is a necessary and essential part of the Colby Fire Department; without these dedicated individuals we would not have the manpower necessary to provide the level of protection our citizens deserve. Members of the Fire Department enjoy quality training and modern equipment. Members are paid for each alarm they respond to, receive 24-hour life insurance, and accident/disability coverage. If you are interested in joining the Colby Fire Department or are just curious about our Department, please contact us or stop by the station. If you have a question or would like to schedule a tour of the Colby Fire Department, contact Robert McLemore, Fire Chief, or Scott Hilbrink, Assistant Fire Chief, 1125 South Country Club Drive, Colby, phone (785) 460-4454. In an emergency, call 911 for assistance.