All garbage shall be drained, wrapped, and placed in a container provided for the deposit of household waste and garbage waste. Containers shall be tapered, not larger than 35 gallons, and not heavier than 50 pounds, and designed for the purpose. Non-automated dumping containers shall not exceed 35 gallons; information on automated tipper cans may be obtained at the utility office. Sod, dirt, rocks, concrete, pieces of metal, or any other heavy object causing the load to exceed 50 pounds will not be picked up. Trash bins will be provided by the City for large residential and commercial users. Trash bins shall be placed on a hard, flat surface, concrete preferred, of the following dimensions:

3 yard bin – 10' x 10' pad
6 yard bin – 13' x 10' pad

Trash bins shall not contain concrete, large pieces of iron or firewood, or other substances that could damage a packer unit.

Tree limbs shall be bundled and shall not exceed four (4) feet in length and fifty (50) pounds in weight. All residential waste will be picked up on your scheduled day.


Residential Rates

  • Single Family: $15.23
  • Multi-Unit: $15.23
  • Minimum Per Month: $15.23

Commercial Rates

  • Two Tipper Cans:  $21.00
  • Dumpster Charge:
    • 1 - 3 Yard: $31.50
    • 1 - 6 Yard: $52.50