Electric Transmission & Distribution


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Colby is fed by a 3ø 34.5 Kv transmission line with three substations in the system. Distribution is provided by a combination of underground and overhead wiring. In newly developed areas, the Public Power Department prefers underground wiring. Colby proudly provides approximately 2,860 electrical customers with low-priced, reasonable service. An additional service to Colby's electrical customers is the free electric service provided to community facilities such as street lights, ball field lighting, law enforcement center, library, community building, well motors for water, etc. These items, together with transfers and reimbursements to the General Fund saves the taxpayer an estimated $500,000 per year in property taxes.

The Electric Department has an individual on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Requests for electric service repairs and maintenance or concerns about the electric system should be reported to the Director of Public Utilities, (785) 460-4420, or the Electric Line Shop at (785) 460-4430 during regular hours (8 to 5, Monday through Friday). Emergencies after regular hours should be reported to the Colby Police Department (785) 460-4460 for assignment to the on-call individual or to the Electric Power Plant at (785) 460-4432.