The two main taxes used to fund the tax levy funds in the 2024 budget of $8.413 million for City Services are county sales tax and property tax.  Anticipated sales tax in 2024 is $1,227,000 or 15% of the total revenue and levied property tax in 2024 of $2,008,416 or 24% of the total. Since January 1, 2020 the county sales tax increased to 1.75% and is split between the cities of Colby, Rexford, Gem, and Brewster and Thomas County.  The City of Colby receives approximately 68% of the total revenue received from the 1.75% sales tax.  The City of Colby also collects ¾ of 1% in City sales tax for payment on our new Event Center Bonds.  The property tax rate is determined by dividing the total amount of dollars which must be collected by the assessed valuation of all taxable property in the City.   One mill is equal to $1 of taxes per $1,000 of assessed valuation.  Residential real estate is to be assessed at 11.5% of fair market value and commercial and industrial real estate at 25%.


Calculate the Value of Your City of Colby Tax Dollar



To determine assessed valuation, multiply by 11.5%


$100,000 x 11.5% = $11,500





To determine City tax liability, multiply assessed valuation by mill levy


$11,500 x 33.526/1000 = $385.55


  1. CITY TAX LIABILITY: $385.55


To determine the monthly expense for City Services, divide City tax liability by 12 months


$385.55 / 12 = $32.13 per month


The following list represents a sampling of City Services provided for the $32.13 per month:


24-hour Police Protection


24-hour Fire Protection


Street Maintenance/Repair


Parks Maintenance – 170.9 acres


Aquatic Park


Tennis Courts


Event Center Operation/Maintenance


Recreation Programs


City Administration


Traffic Control & Marking


Public Parking Services


Municipal Improvements


Flood Plain Management


Legal Counsel


Public Library


Building Inspection


MIS Services


Animal Control Services


Community Service Supervisor


Drug Task Force Services


24-hour Dispatch Services for Police, Fire and Ambulance